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Your Success is Our Goal

Red Line Expertise

Our trainers take your fitness goals seriously. We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and our goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. We all are here to help you! This is the RedLine Family!



Red Line Expertise

Your Success is Our Goal

Red Line Expertise

RedLine Circuit Training is one of the most addictive, high energy, adrenaline filled programs you will experience! Within 30 minutes you will get a full body workout that will burn almost as much if not more than a full hour of training!


Your Success is Our Goal

Your Success is Our Goal

Your Success is Our Goal

Each member that walks through our door is a new journey. Your success is our mission. We want to help as many people in our community get fit, look better and feel healthy! Through team building, group support, and faith we can all make each other better!

Meet our trainers


Amber Cullip

Amber is a Michigan girl, born and raised. She attended a small town high school were she was very active in Athletics. Amber went on to attend Montana State University, Eastern Michigan University (where she played college softball) and The University of Michigan, pursuing a degree in BioMedical Engineering. Amber is also the proud mother of a Special Olympics athlete. She is an avid runner, completing several half marathons, Glass City, being her favorite.  

While looking to take her health and wellness to the next level, Amber attended her first Red Line class in March of 2019. After attending multiple classes, it was safe to say She found her passion. It was shortly thereafter, she decided to seek her Personal Training Certification through ACSM. In August, 2019 - Amber resigned from her position of 16 years at the University of Michigan to join the RedLine family, full time. 

Being a cancer survivor, Amber has a passion for health, wellness and empowering others.


Sara Granata

Sara was born and raised here in Toledo Ohio and carries a great pride for our city. She attended Cardinal Stritch High School and will soon graduate from the University of Toledo with a degree in Natural Science and Foreign Language. In her spare time, she loves to sing and perform with her band, cook for the people she loves, and take her perfect doggy for long walks. 

At a young age Sara adapted a love for health and physical fitness, thanks to her mother. Sara can remember her throwing workout tapes in the VHS and she would follow along right behind her in their living room. She held on to that same excitement throughout her adolescent years and beyond. Sara was involved in track and basketball in school. She also has a first degree black belt in American Martial Arts.

Sara started her journey with Red Line back in May and has been hooked ever since. She fell in love with the people and the strong sense of community that Jason has projected onto the gym. When Jason asked her to join his team, she was more than thrilled. Becoming a personal trainer has always been in her plans, and it was just the push she needed. Sara truly believes in treating our bodies like temples. Diet and overall wellness is essential to adding longevity to our lives. It is just as important to surround yourself with like minded people. That’s why she loves Red Line, and can’t wait to add to this terrific community.


Jayme Shiarla

Coach Jayme Shiarla is a licensed Zumba instructor, Dance Fitness Instructor and Online Mindset Transformation Coach through her business "Unleash the Beast Within" coaching. 

She has over 20 years of experience in the fitness world. Between playing basketball, volleyball, track, softball and cheerleading as an athlete, she also has coached competitive cheer for 10 years and currently also coaches competitive cheer for the Lucas County Special Olympics Cheer Squad. Along with that, fitness is a priority in Jayme's everyday life. She enjoys CrossFit, powerlifting and of course, circuit training! 

Coach Jayme has a passion for impacting as many lives as she can and has faced many of her own trials and tribulations. This drives her everyday to help others overcome theirs!  

Jayme is a certified Life Coach, along with a certification in NLP. 

She believes it is important to always start internally before being able to experience external results. She's loud, energetic and determined to make sure she leaves you feeling that burning desire to Unleash YOUR Beast From Within!

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